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Maybe you are keeping up with your lawn care as best as you think you can – but something still isn’t quite right. If this sounds like something you might be struggling with, you could be dealing with a lawn that is asking to be aerated.

Spring is one of the perfect times to have your lawn aerated – but how do you know if this is what your lawn really needs?

Let’s start at the beginning.

Defining Core Aeration

Often referred to as traditional aeration, this lawn care service is performed when someone has discovered that your lawn is compacted. A mechanical aerated will go over your lawn to pull up little plugs of grass and soil that range from one to three inches in depth. These plugs are then redistributed across the turf to ensure the nutrients can be added back into the soil and help it regrow.

When creating holes in the soil, it takes a turf that was unable to accept nutrients from the soil and makes it a healthier environment. So when you are feeding your turf in the future, it will have enough airflow to circulate the nutrients.

Why Does Aeration Need to Happen?

Compacted Soil 

After a long and hard winter, your turf will likely require some extra attention. When giving it this attention, you may notice that your soil isn’t receiving the proper nutrients. You might be thinking – why? If you believe you are doing everything you can to provide a healthy environment for your soil, then you can assume your soil is compacted.

You can identify compacted soil by noticing hard and compressed grass. It will create a myriad of other issues too. To test if your soil is struggling, make sure you take some sort of tool and drive it into your grass. If this tool is struggling to make it any further than a few centimeters down, your soil is compacted.


Thatch is lawn care jargon – but it really is just referring to any dead grass that is on your lawn. Oftentimes it is just referring to dead blades of grass but it can include any organic materials that are built upon your lawn from the weather. Some thatch can actually be good for your lawn – you know, nature feeding nature and whatnot. However, the longer the period of time that thatch is built up on your lawn, the more harm it can do and the more likely it is that your turf needs to be aerated.

How Does Compacted Soil Come To Be?


Your lawn is meant to be used – don’t assume you can’t use your law for fun and activities. However, it can take a toll if you are consistently having parties, friends, and neighbors over, children playing sports or roughhousing, and pets who love to play outdoors for long periods of time. Sometimes overuse is just inevitable if you are living any sort of fun life! But this can increase the fact that your lawn will eventually experience compacted soil which leads to aeration needs.

Choose Papa Turf to Perform All 4 Techniques Now!

The team here at Papa Turf can be sure to give everything we’ve got to make your turf look as good as new again. Our aeration practices are a sure-fire way to continuously improve your lawn affected by compacted soil and the several other symptoms that go along with it.

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