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Lawn Care In Conyers 

With a vast array of services, we turn your lawn into a showcase for your home. We’re locally owned and operated, serving Georgia for over 30 years, offering both residential and commercial services. Our signature Seven Application Program is a full-service service that includes: Pre-emergent weed control, broadleaf weed control, balanced fertilizer, and Lime application. 

At Papa Turf, we do so much more than apply lawn fertilization treatment for maintenance. We offer exterior pest control and grub treatments. We believe in protecting your lawn from the inside out against destructive pests. Outdoor pest control is an integral part of our lawn care service program.

Lawn Fertilization in Conyers

The trained eyes of our lawn technicians know exactly what type of grass you have. Most people believe that grass is grass, but there are several types that need special attention. The amount of lawn fertilization and water balance is imperative to keeping a lush and healthy lawn. The fertilizer is time released for proper distribution. 

Lawn Aeration in Conyers

Lawn aeration is the secret to a lush lawn that people don’t assume then need. That’s because they only cut the lawn, water it, and hope for the best. Core lawn aeration means we loosen thatching and compacted soil. When your soil is compacted, you can water all day, and your grass will still be brown. Simply put, what you’re applying to the lawn is not getting to the roots and starving it of vital nutrients.

That’s where we come in. Our trained technicians inspect your lawn and treat it according to grass type. We customize a plan that suits your lawn, so it stays green all year round. Call us today for your lawn care solutions. 

Weed Control in Conyers

Weeds cause many issues. They choke off the roots and harbor pests and critters that dig up grubs and other food they love. Unfortunately, they also tear up your lawn. Weed control should be a regular, integral part of your lawn care services. Weeds aren’t a problem for us. Our pre- and post-emergent herbicide treatments ensure that you have a lush lawn that’s weed-free all year long. 

Tree & Shrub Care in Conyers

Your trees and shrubs are a core part of your yard and property value that comes from your landscape. They have very special needs according to the genus. Papa Turf has you covered. Our signature 7-step tree and shrub care program provides complete protection for your landscape. We start with slow-release fertilizer at the right time for your unique garden. We follow with fungicide and horticultural oils, all for year-long high-quality maintenance.