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Lawn Care in Stockbridge

Here in Stockbridge, no lawn care issue is too big or too small for Papa Turf. We are driven by the community in which we’ve lived for 30+ years and want to provide the best lawn care and exterior pest control services out there. Whether we are helping with lawn fertilization, tree and shrub care, or exterior pest control, you can trust every one of our services is done with:

  • The most trusted lawn care products.
  • Friendly and professional service.
  • Personalized care.
  • Outstanding customer satisfaction.

Rather than lose your valuable free time to the trials and errors of lawn care, call Papa Turf and let us do the dirty work. Meanwhile, your lawn will transform into the envy of the neighborhood.

Lawn Fertilization in Stockbridge

If lawn fertilization were as simple as covering your grass with a basic blend of nutrients, everyone in Stockbridge would have a traffic-stopping yard. However, there is more to lawn fertilization than applying any ol’ fertilizer when your grass looks wilted. To ensure the thick, healthy lawn that fertilization promises, it is important to know:

  • Blend – Different grasses require different phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium ratios.
  • Time – Feeding your grass at the correct times during the year is crucial to reaping the benefits of lawn fertilization.
  • Amount – Too little, or even too much, fertilizer can adversely affect your lawn care efforts.

Papa Turf’s Lawn Care Professionals Are Your Solution

Figuring out which fertilizer to feed your grass can be overwhelming for a homeowner. Papa Turf’s 7-step Lawn Fertilization Program eliminates the headache by leaving head-pounding lawn care to our knowledgeable and well-equipped professionals. We have the expertise to easily identify your grass type and follow up with a balanced lawn fertilization plan that nourishes your grass with the proper amount of fertilizer at the correct times throughout the season.

Lawn Aeration in Stockbridge

A yard with compacted soil shows signs similar to what grass experiences during drought, except no matter how much you water your lawn, it fails to recover. This is because soil compaction blocks water, air, and nutrients from getting to your grass roots. Lawn aeration is an essential lawn care process that punctures holes into your impossibly tough turf, creating pathways for flowing water, air, and nutrients.

Signs You Need Lawn Aeration

  • Hard soil
  • Excessive thatch
  • Thinning or dead areas

Stockbridge grows both warm- and cool-season grass, so it is important to understand how yours benefits from lawn aeration and overseeding. Papa Turf is well-versed in caring for many grass species covering Stockbridge lawns. We can fix your thinning grass and recommend a lawn fertilization plan that will restore bald patches in no time!

Weed Control in Stockbridge

It is unfair that weeds seem to thrive while you do everything you can to prevent them, yet the plants you actually want in your yard require endless care to merely survive. Fortunately, our weed control services are as close as they can come to reversing this natural annoyance.

In spring, we apply pre-emergent weed control to stop the development of weed seeds. This already reduces the number of weed invasions your Stockbridge lawn will endure in the coming months. Over the following months, we use post-emergent weed control to eliminate weeds that emerge throughout spring, summer, and fall.

Weed Control That Lets You Say “Goodbye!” to:

  • Crabgrass
  • Yellow nutsedge
  • Dandelions
  • Clover

Tree and Shrub Care in Stockbridge

Your trees and shrubs can live long enough to see you through many years if properly cared for. However, Stockbridge’s tree-damaging pests, weather, and fungi can be relentless. The best way to protect your large plantings is with a tree and shrub care plan designed by professionals who have lived in the area for over 30 years.

Our Full Tree and Shrub Care Program Includes:

  • Root-strengthening, slow-release fertilizer applications.
  • Fungicide treatments every 4 – 6 weeks.
  • Regular insecticide applications.
  • Horticultural oil for exterior pest control during winter.

Your trees, shrubs, and ornamentals greatly benefit your landscape, from beauty to property value. We strive to ensure our tree and shrub care services return the favor. In addition to our 7-step Tree and Shrub Care Program, we also offer deep root feeding and dormant oil applications.

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