The Importance of Fall Tree Care in Metro Atlanta

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Trees are an important part of our Georgia landscapes yet most people take them for granted. Trees add beauty to our outdoor spaces and clean the air. They provide relief from the hot summer sun and they can even add value to your home. Trees are important landscaping elements that are meant to be permanent and last for generations. But if you want your trees to outlive you, you need to take care of them. 

The Importance of Fall Tree Care

When trees are planted in our yards for decoration they are more exposed. In the forest, trees are closer together and protect each other from diseases and pests. But out in the open, they are fair game for a number of pests that damage or even kill your trees. Proper fall tree care involves protecting young trees, controlling pests, and preparing them for the cold months ahead. Here are a few items you can do now to help prepare and protect your Georgia trees for the upcoming winter. 

Wrap Your Trees

Here in Georgia, we don’t usually get much snow but our temperatures can dip below freezing from time to time. Tree wraps are used to protect new and weak trees from freezing and thawing that can happen over the winter. Sudden changes in temperature can cause sunscald on your trees which can be unsightly and make your tree vulnerable to pests and disease. 

Add Mulch to Your Georgia Trees

Mulch can add a lot of interest and beauty to your yard. It can also prevent weeds from growing around your trees and stealing their water and nutrients. Mulch has another benefit for your trees; It can protect the tree’s roots from freezing temperatures. 

Prune Your Trees

Many professionals say that the best time to prune your trees is in the fall and early spring while the tree is still dormant. Pruning a tree while it is dormant is preferred for several reasons:

  • Pests and diseases are not as active
  • You can have a clearer view of the branches when leaves are gone
  • The tree will suffer stress

Promote Healthy Foliage With Deep Root Feeding

Fertilizing trees in the fall is extremely beneficial. Fall is the time of year when trees will hoard nutrients for the winter. These nutrients are used in the spring to help the tree bloom back to life. In the forest trees receive their nutrients from the blanket of leaves that covers the forest floor. These leaves break down and feed the trees the nutrients they need. But in our yards, we can’t let the leaves sit on the lawn too long or it will kill the grass. That is why we must fertilize and the best way to fertilize a tree is with deep root feeding. Deep root fertilization is a quick way of delivering fertilizer directly into the roots of your trees. This will make your trees more resilient to drought, pests, and disease.

Dormant Oil

Pests cause some of the biggest problems for native trees in Georgia. Trees can withstand a few pests here and there but when it becomes an infestation that’s when your trees are in danger. An excellent way to protect your trees from hungry insects is by applying dormant oil to your trees in the fall. Dormant oil kills overwintering insects such as;  aphids, sawflies, tree scales, and mites and also prevents eggs from hatching in the spring. 

Plant New Trees In The Fall

If you were thinking about adding a few new trees to your landscape now is the time to do it. Cooler temperatures trigger an instinct in trees to focus on root growth. The fall is also a time of year where there is little danger of drought or sun damage. Planting now will give your tree time to establish itself and by spring it will require little help from you.

Get Professional Tree And Shrub Care In Metro Atlanta

Keep your trees and shrubs healthy this year with tree and shrub care from Papa Turf. Our seven-step program includes fertilization, pest control, and disease control. We also offer deep root feeding and dormant oil applications.

If you are ready to bring the best out of your trees then call the professionals at Papa Turf at 770-389-0884 or leave us a message online.

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